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Online Socializing

Sessions can be performed via Zoom worldwide or at Melissa's home in Golden, Colorado! 

Are you living your best life? Is it time to transform some areas that feel stuck? We download new software all the time for our devices... how about your recoding and upleveling your subconscious mind? A Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session with Melissa includes a 90 minute HypnoCoaching session, a personalized recording to listen to for at least 21 days, and 2 follow up phone calls for continued coaching.  The most common issues are: weight and food, confidence, and relationships. 

This looks like:

  • 20 minute intake

  • 60 minute RTT session

  • 10 minutes to review, send your personalized recording to you, and answer any questions

During the Zoom session, most clients make themselves comfortable in a chair, on a couch, or in bed.  Melissa will need a clear video of your head, and upper body.  For in person sessions, you can lay comfortably on a massage table or in a chair if that is preferred.

If you feel ready for a quick and lasting change:

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