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Easing Depression During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The holidays are upon us, and each year as a massage therapist, I would see lonely, depressed clients that didn’t have a family to be with. Or, they had a dysfunctional family to be with and this triggered depression. Loss of loved ones is also deeply felt during the holidays, adding to depression. While I’m not a massage therapist at this time, I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) Practitioner, and I’m noticing more clients scheduling sessions for depression.

So, let’s talk about some practical tips for easing depression during this holiday season.

1. Stop criticizing yourself. It’s easy to have expectations during the holiday season, but please set those aside and choose to make it the best holiday season that it can be in 2020. You might notice you're saying harsh, critical words to yourself. Notice. Pause. Feel that emotion. Then turn your mind’s general chatter into a cheerleader commenting on everything you are doing well. Have a running commentary (like an upbeat sports commentator) that’s saying everything that you are doing right. If there’s a little fumble, don’t get stuck there, keep up with all your movements and ways you are excelling throughout the day!

2. Follow your heart’s desire. Do you know what your passion or calling is? Think back to what

you loved to do between the ages of 7-14. This usually gives an indication. If you were writing little stories, and still feel a craving to do this, start with a local paper. You may have a bigger dream of writing the book you’ve always known you wanted to… but for your heart’s sake just start fulfilling that desire in some form now.

3. Being connected is vital to your soul. There was an epidemic of disconnection before this

pandemic. Now, we need to be even more intentional about connecting with people. Online

counts, and in person with physical distancing and wearing your mask works, too! Go for a walk while calling to catch up with friends and family. With this you are releasing endorphins from exercise, and getting that feel good connection that everyone needs daily. I’m a 40 year old single woman whose family is back in upstate NY, so here’s my plan for Thanksgiving. Create a feast with my kitty Jasmine. Really enjoy cooking, smelling, savoring, and playing with Jasmine at the same time. I’ll eat around noon, go for a hike with a friend, and have a scheduled call time with my family. I rarely watch TV, but in the evening I’ll pick out a comedy or feel-good movie. I’m used to being with friends and family in a large gathering, so this is going to feel different this year. I’m going to wire and fire that this little Thanksgiving is not familiar, but is totally thrilling to me in different ways. Of course, I will have a ton of leftovers to enjoy after, too!

For the RTT® clients that I’m seeing now, it has typically been a clarification of what area of life above (number 1, 2, or 3) needs the biggest jumpstart now. Then, we will do a regression to 3 scenes where criticism started, or diving into what forms of play really light you up, or anytime that your subconscious mind decided it was better to be alone. With clearing up these scenes, and doing a transformation, depression fades away. New beliefs, thoughts, and actions are available to you with recoding the subconscious mind.

*Please note that if you are on medication for depression, work with your doctor at all times. With incorporating the above actions and others into your life, perhaps have the discussion of you and your doctor together weaning off medication.

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